Waitaha Water Gathering 14th – 22nd October 2014 Waitangi, NZ.

The Nation of Waitaha are opening their Information systems to the International communities because the Grandmothers and Grandfathers believe that it is now time to reconnect with all of the Nations of the World.

Waitaha who are we?

We are a people of mixed blood, coming initially from the Valleys of the Nile, mixing and melding with Africa, (Khemet) then becoming a unified part of Indo-Asia thus forming the greater and lesser part of the Polynesian Settlers of the Pacific.

What do we practice as a people?

Waitaha have a notion that we are duty bound to care for Water in all of its forms. We know that our Early Ancestor Ancient Teachers, believed that water in combination with the magic of mathematics can become the single greatest unit of power in our Universe. We are descendants of these great scholars and our memories are tied inextricably inside of the Water of this great planet of ours, that we share with great families of animals, plants, insects, birds, reptiles yes all creatures great and small.

We look therefore to the god given practice of caring for the Water Systems, in every country that we have lived and died in. Caring for the people who live with us and are our neighbors. For we have this belief that our memories are all contained faithfully within every atom of water in this universe. It is only just a matter of remembering and using these great skills; that were given to us in the beginning of our settlement on this Earth; having come here from the great distances between Earth and the Planet Sirius.

What do Waitaha believe in?

The Nation as a whole believe in the gifts of the individual and with these combined gifts of each individual, we believe that we have a power base that can then dream the big dream of the Gods. We believe that the Gods are made in our likeness and we in theirs, for it was our early ancestors with God like powers that lay down with our Men and Women and begat the Nation of Waitaha, half men and half god.

We look deeply into our genetic pool and ensure that our Hapu marriages are wise and beneficial in the distribution of the God and Goddess Gnome. We also try and control this distribution to keep the formal leadership lines, robust and healthy.

With the advent of free ranging relationships that came to us from the early 60’s, we have despaired as Elders because of the break down in the formal structures of the tomo or marriages that have taken place. These marriages have resulted in many cases of dysfunctional children and many children with physical, emotional and mental defects.

Even with these sociological and educational losses to our people we believe that with faith and hard work in our social model we can recover lost ground and rebuild our Nation into a strong and healthy community.

How do we begin to redevelop our dream?

Waitaha believe that by doing our Historic duties, along with our families and tribal members and those who wish to join us we can not only develop this strength and identity, but also we can develop all other fields that go towards making our Nation a strong and diverse Nation of Individuals.

Who can be Waitaha, Who is Waitaha?

This is a common question, and our answer to this question is yes who is Waitaha? We believe that Waitaha is firstly a Nation of Peace who are also the Keepers of Water and its records. So then the question is asked how can we become Waitaha? I always answer I do not know, but I refer them to the keeping of and believing in Peace, for our Goddess Rongomaraeroa is our one true Matriarch who helps to keep the peace in the Universe. So it is no big deal I believe, that holding onto peace and looking after water all adds up to being Waitaha. It is so easy. No need for black or white, no need for macho, no need for voting, no need for anything but a peaceful heart, a caring for the Natural Environment and we are all Waitaha. Oh sure it helps if you have bloodlines that match the great lines of descendant ancestors, but it is no biggy for we have misplaced many people and we must not lose the opportunity to reconnect with them in this time.

In conclusion

We believe with all our hearts, minds, spirit and astral that we are all of the original Nation of Peace Keepers. We place our call into the Universe to all who feel that they belong to the Water Carriers and who follow the pathway of peace love and truth to reconnect with us, come join us in our water gathering, in October 2014, for the first time this has been shared with brothers and sisters from the outside Nations.







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